Aqaba – Jordan


Visiting and diving in the Kingdom of Jordan is pure pleasure. Diving in Aqaba in the
beautiful landscape as in the bay of Eilat, dramatically increases the number of diving
sites in the North Bay, making it more interesting. The city of Aqaba offers 22 km of
beaches, some of them structured and touristy and some were kept as natural beaches.
Dozens diving sites are scattered along the beaches with beautiful colorful reefs and
fish, similar to Eilat dive sites.

In addition, there are artificial diving sites such as the underwater army museum, the
Hercules aircraft, the Cedar Pride shipwreck- which all has been especially sunk for
divers. In addition, the city of Aqaba and the Kingdom of Jordan offer a variety of
excursions, recreation and attractions turning every diving vacation into a wonderful
family experience.

The trip is simple and easy to carry out. The city offers tourist amenities with hotels,
shops and high-quality restaurants. The Jordanians are famously welcoming and

The atmosphere in the city of Aqaba is pleasant and oriental, the restaurants serve
the oriental cuisine with a steaming cup of tea and baklava for dessert. Aqaba is the
base for day or afternoon trips to the spectacular desert landscapes of Wadi Ram,
and of course you cannot miss the daily tour to the city of Petra carved into the rock
and recently declared one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

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The weather in Aqaba, as in Eilat, allows diving throughout the year. The water
temperature is colder in the winter months, but a good diving suit is definitely
sufficient. The summer and winter seasons are significantly different. Summer
is very hot and requires plenty of drinking water and limited exposure to the sun.
The winter months require keeping the body warm, equipped with a full body suit,
warm clothes and a hot drink after the dive. However, diving during winter is
characterized by very clear water, wonderful visibility and a smaller number of
divers in the clubs and diving sites.

Due to dramatic differences in heights, floods occur in the streams flowing to the
sea after the winter rains, which impair the visibility for a number of days but the
number of rainy days is very small and can be updated in advance.

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We offer a wide range of diving options and packages in Aqaba, with many years
of cooperation with our Jordanian colleagues who do not spare any effort and offer
us the best service.

The tours we offer are the result of our many years of experience.
You can choose any date for a tailor made package suits perfectly for you.

On all the trips, our representatives meet you on the Jordanian side of the border
and from there you are in very good hands. A classic tour includes three diving
days featuring beach dives and / or diving boat combined with trips in Jordan.

Accommodation is in one of Aqaba hotels on any level you choose, from boutique
hotels in the center of the city, to luxurious five-star deluxe resorts on the south
beach. Bedouin hospitality, open-air nights, jeep tours and a variety of activities are
available for your request.

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כללי על היעד

דירוג היעד
מתי בשנה
All Year Round
אופי הטיול
ממוצע מספר צלילות בטיול
טמפרטורת מים
24-29 C
מזג אויר ממוצע
מתאים למשנרקלים
משך נסיעה מומלץ
3-4 days
סיורים יבשתיים במהלך הטיול

אופי הצלילות

צלילות זרם
צלילות קיר
ראות ממוצעת
דרגת צלילה מינימלית
Open water diver
ניסיון צלילה מומלץ
Minimum of 20 dives

מה רואים

שוניות טרופיות
אניות טרופות
מערות וקניונים
להקות דגי ים פתוח
כרישי שונית / חול
כרישי ים פתוח
כרישי לוויתן

לפה להוסיף את האתר החדש

Hercules C130
The Hercules aircraft, which was sunk in November 2017, is a refreshing diving
site on the Aqaba coast. The Wilddive group was present at that special occasion
and for the first dives on the site. The Hercules is the most successful and best-
selling American cargo plane. It is about 30 meters long and almost 12 meters tall,
its wingspan is about 40 m. The plane is resting on a crater 16 meters deep and the
wing tip ends at 5 meters. The plane was sunk near the tank so a safety stop can pe
performed there.
Level: Suitable for divers at all levels.
Depth 5-30 meters


Seven Sisters\ The Tank
A gentle slope covered with corals leads to a beautiful coral garden. We'll descend
the slope until we reach the corals. At the safety stop we will observe the famous
tank, resting on sandy soil since 1999, that has become home to many sponge corals
and lionfish.
Level: Suitable for divers at all levels.
Depth 4-30 meters


Gorgonian 1
This diving site is very convenient for shallow and calm diving. Named after the
fan coral (Gorgonian) found here. You can also spot large rocks covered with soft
and hard corals. On the cluster of rocks dozens of lionfish and other reef fish can
be found.
Level: Suitable for divers at all levels.
Depth 10-15 meters


Eel Canyon
This site provides dramatic diving abundant in coral reefs and underwater life. The
canyon, descending to a depth of 40 meters, is open on both sides with a coral reef,
sandy seabed and a large eel garden. On a steep carpet of algae sea horses, scorpion
fish, and more can be spotted.
Level: Suitable for divers at all levels.
Depth 3-30 meters


Black Rock
On this site you can find a vast almost endless coral garden... it is easily
accessible for a calm dive between the corals beginning at a shallow depth
of up to 30 m,  followed by a very steep drop of the wall to the open sea.
Level: Suitable for divers at all levels,
this is an easy dive and a site that is also suitable for snorkeling.
Depth 2-30 meters


Cedar Pride
A must diving on any diving trip in Aqaba! A Lebanese cargo ship sunk in 1985
by King Hussein to create an artificial reef for divers. It is 79 meters long and 20
meters wide. She lies on her left side on two coral reefs. This site is rich in marine
creatures and corals that have grown on this impressive ship. Large schools of
snappers swim around and inside the ship.
Level: Suitable for divers at all levels.
Depth 12-28 meters


Rainbow Reef
This diving site is located north of the Cedar Pride ship. The dive begins on
the sandy bottom, and the deeper you go the denser the slope gets with corals,
resembling the oval shape of a rainbow, hence the name of the site. An underwater
communications line was immersed in the area, to link Jordan and Egypt which
offers an extra interesting aspect under water in addition to the gorgeous view.
Level: Suitable for divers at all levels.
Maximum Depth 30 meters


Japanese Gardens
The Jordanian Japanese gardens are located between the coast and the southern
side of the sunken ship. This is an exquisite coral reef running along a gentle slope.
In some parts of the reef living corals were planted, brought from another site, when
a port was built. The corals quickly adapted to their new home, therefore this site is
abundant, colorful and unique.
Level: Suitable for divers at all levels.
Depth 10-25 meters


Power Station
A shallow reef with a gentle slope descending 12 meters and from there a coral
wall descending deep to 60 meters. The water in this area is rich in nutrients and
the reef condition is relatively good. We will dive along the impressive wall and,
on our safety stop, explore a beautiful shallow reef full of corals and reef fish.
reachable only from a boat.
Level: Suitable for divers at all levels.
Depth 3-30 meters


First Bay
This site is located south of the marina, the strip is about 700 meters long
and rich in corals and fish.
Level: Suitable for divers at all levels.
this is an easy dive and a site that is also suitable for snorkeling.
Depth 2-30 meters


King Abdulla Reef
The site itself, located on the first bay, is a large area where you can dive, but
the most enjoyable and prettier dive is to the south. The entire site is almost
entirely covered with corals and small pinnacles in the shallows. If you catch
the current in the right direction, you can perform a wonderful current dive, but
if not, perform a round circle and return to the entrance point.
Level: Suitable for divers at all levels.
Maximum Depth 30 meters

This site is located in the northern part of the RDC diving club and serves as its
home site. The site is full of coral ‘mountains’ along the dive in various depths,
up to 35 m. Since this site is not accessible to other clubs, it is well maintained
and is considered an excellent location.
Level: Suitable for divers at all levels.
Maximum Depth 30 meters


The Gardens
This site is located in the southern part of the RDC Diving Club and serves as the
diving club home site. The site is full of table corals, rocks covered with hard and
soft corals and a good chance to see sea horses.
Level: Suitable for divers at all levels.
Maximum Depth 30 meters


Aqaba’s diving conditions are just perfect- calm sea with no big waves and no strong
currents, good visibility and convenient temperatures. dive sites in Aqaba offer many
more corals than in Eilat. The sites we will dive in are abundant in an endless number
of coral colonies and reef fish. The corals in ​​Aqaba are spectacular and in excellent
condition, offering approximately 230 different species of hard and soft corals.
During the dives you can encounter colorful reef fish, houndfish, scorpion fish, frog
fish, lionfish, nudibranchs, seahorses, turtles and large schools of snapper fish all
swimming around the corals alongside huge mesmerizing schools of tiny glass fish
that swim close to the waters’ surface. A variety of dive sites offers coral gardens,
sunken ships, and spectacular wall dives. Most dives commence at the shore with
easy access and exit points. Only a few sites require access by boat and are a must!
Almost all dive sites are also ideal for snorkeling in the shallow areas.


International Time
GMT +2.


Entry Visa
Please check according to your nationality if you need a visa. for this information
please contact the nearest embassy in your country. Additionally, please check for
updates prior to your departure.


Personal Documents
A passport with at least 6 months validity.
Travel and diving insurance - can be purchased on this site.
A credit card is accepted in most places, saving the need to carry excess cash.
Diving certificate, valid diving insurance and a diving log.
Photocopy of your passport, diving certificates and travel insurance.
Make sure to keep it in a separate file from the original documents.


Diving Equipment
It is recommended to bring your own equipment with which you are accustomed
to using, especially a mask and a dive computer. Check your diving equipment
prior to your departure.  Rented scuba diving equipment must be booked in advance.
The average water temperature throughout the year is about 25C, and we recommend
a 3-5 millimeter wetsuit, depending on the season you visit.


In order to ensure your underwater photographic equipment safely crosses the
border, you must send us the exact specifications of all photographic equipment,
including compact cameras, at least two weeks prior to your arrival.

This is certainly a destination to document. You do not have to be an expert
photographer in order to take superb photos to capture some amazing, unique
and unforgettable moments. Diving packages are available for most kinds of
cameras, for photography above and under water. Easy-to-use extreme cameras
are also a popular choice. Our instructors are experts on the subject, and we will
be happy to advise and assist in purchasing an underwater photography kit and
training prior to the trip.


It is unnecessary to pack a lot of clothing on a dive holiday. A light garment to wear
in the day between dives is recommended. If you are planning to travel to Wadi Rum
or Petra, pack warm clothing and appropriate hiking shoes.
Jordan is a Muslim country and it is advisable to consider the sensitivities in terms
of clothing, especially in public places, markets and restaurants.


Medication and First Aid
Pre-equip yourself with enough personal medication, the chance of obtaining specific
drugs is small. Pack a high factor sunscreen, hat and long light clothing to protect you
from prolonged exposure to desert weather. There are not special vaccine requirements
for visiting Aqaba, however, we recommend you keep updated with your local Ministry
of Health website.  


Transportation and Arrival by Land
The border between Israel and Jordan opens midweek at 07:00 and 08:00 on weekends.
The border closes every evening at 20:00. The border crossing can get quite busy during
opening hours due to a great deal of tourists travelling to Petra on day trips.

Border tax on the Israeli side is 105 shekels per person and 10 Jordanian Dinar on
return to Israel on the Jordanian side. If you stay 3 nights or more, there is no need
to pay the Jordanian tax. This information, as in the past, may be modified by the
Jordanian government  without prior notice.

After crossing the Israeli side, it is necessary to walk about 150 meters to the
Jordanian side of the border, there our representative will be waiting for you and
assist with the conduct of passing the Jordanian passport control, money exchange
etc. Our shuttle will await you as soon as you exit the border crossing ready to
transfer you to the destination of your choice, diving club, hotel or excursion. If
you arrive by flight, transfers can be easily arranged.


Aqaba can be reached by international flight, or by a domestic flight from Amman.
When you receive your flight ticket, please ensure that your name is spelled exactly
as in your passport! Whilst checking in, make sure that the label on your suitcase
shows AQJ as the final destination of your trip. You must arrive at the airport at
least 3 hours before departure. The number of bags and their weight should comply
with airline restrictions to avoid overweight charges. Weight regulations are strict
on domestic flights and entail a nominal fee for every extra kilo.


Communication from Aqaba is easy and most places have Israeli communications
network access. If you are planning to travel to the north or into the desert for one
of the wonderful hikes the area has to offer, you may purchase a local sim or buy a
communications package from your local operator.


The weather is convenient all year round and although seasonal allows perfect diving
conditions throughout the year. Although water temperatures hardly differ (The average
water temperature throughout the year is about 25C), ground temperatures are dramatic
between summer and winter and day and night. Northern winds are common and range
between 10-15 knots and the sea is wavy in the southern region.


Sea Conditions
The northern region of the Gulf of Eilat offers wonderful sea conditions throughout
the year.Compared to other diving destinations around the world, the area is similar
to diving in an aquarium with hardly any currents, amazing visibility, calm sea waters
and ideal diving conditions. Between seasons southern winds can develop into storms
that cause waves and also impair visibility. It is recommended to always keep up to
date with the sea conditions before traveling.


Electrical Supply
220V- The sockets are British and we recommend to bring a universal adapter,
to avoid problems. Sockets are compatible for plugs with two wide, flat pins.


The local currency is the Jordanian Dinar. If you cross by land, it is advisable
to exchange currency on crossing the border on the Jordanian side at the bank
opposite passport control. Only exchange the amount you think you will need,
mostly for purchasing souvenirs or leaving tips. It is advisable to pay for
activities prior to your arrival in order to save carrying unnecessary amounts
of cash with you. Credit cards are accepted by most tourism service providers
and at hotels.


Local Taxes
Entrance to Aqaba via the southern border is tax free. On leaving via the same
border 10 Dinar tax payment is required and is payed directly at the border
crossing, in cash  only. If you stay 3 nights or more, there is no need to pay the
Jordanian tax. This information, as in the past, may be modified by the Jordanian
government without prior notice.


Emergency Numbers and Decompression Chambers
The decompression chamber is located at the Princess Haya Hospital in Aqaba
Phone 32014114 962 + Dr. Jamal Rifai

You can also cross the Israeli border and reach the decompression chamber
in Eilat in reasonable time, however this decision is at the discretion and the
responsibility of the diver and in accordance with case at hand.


For how many days should you plan a scuba diving trip to Aqaba?
We recommend at least a 3 day trip that include a minimum of 6 dives.
It is recommended to combine at least one day of diving from a dive boat
as well as a sunset trip to Wadi Rum with a traditional Bedouin desert
dinner. You may also combine a trip to Petra before, during or after the
dive trip. There is no doubt that, due to the beautiful sites, warm hospitality
and easy accessibility, you will return to dive in Aqaba again!


Is it worth staying in Aqaba?
All hotels at all level in Aqaba are excellent and are a great alternative to
accommodation in Eilat. Prices are cheaper by approximately 30% than
those in Eilat and it is worthwhile crossing the border the evening before
you plan your first dive, to enjoy a delicious dinner at one of the good local
restaurants. Aqaba offers a spectacular range of hotels such as the 3-star
Captain Hotel, or the 5 star Radisson Blu resort, located on the South Coast
with several pools and a private beach.


Is the visit to Jordan also suitable for non-divers?
The answer is defiantly yes! The visit to Aqaba is a pleasant experience for
everyone. Beach lovers can sunbathe and snorkel in almost all of the southern
dive sites and beaches, The hotels offer good standards of service and facilities
and there are also top notch resorts with a host of attractions for all ages,
facilities and swimming pools. Aqaba offers amazing day and half day trips to
Wadi Rum or the Nabataea city of Petra which are both highly recommended for
all ages.


Do I need to be an experienced diver to participate in such a trip?
The diving sites are comfortable, relatively simple and suitable for all divers.
The dives in Jordan are guided dives. If you haven’t been diving for the past
year, a refresh dive must be performed before your arrival although you can
also do this in Aqaba. There are wall and shipwreck dives in Aqaba so this is
definitely an interesting destination for experienced divers.


Can I Dive with Nitrox in Jordan?
Nitrox is available but it is recommended to book this service in advance.
The use of Nitrox can be used to increase the safety ranges by using your
dive computer on normal air condition mode.


Are there Offshore Dives in Aqaba?
Most dive sites are accessible from the beach and we recommend incorporating
a day of diving from a dive boat on each trip. Diving from a boat allows you to
reach the Power Station site which is the only wall site in Aqaba and the diving
there is impressive and beautiful. The dive boat only costs approximately $50
including lunch and two dives. Boats leave for a day sailing with a minimum
of 4 participants .


Do I Need Medical Approval to Dive?
In principle, the requirement for medical approval is international with a medical
statement accepted by diving organizations. If the answers to all the questions in
your health declaration are negative, then there is no problem. If there are positive
answers, consult your diving doctor and get approval. If you are over the age of 45,
medical approval is required.


Should I Purchase My Own Diving Equipment?
The answer to this question is according to the amount of dives. Naturally,
when planning a scuba diving trip you can decide to purchase full or partial
scuba equipment. We recommend to purchase your own mask and personal
dive computer. We would be happy to be at your service and offer advice on
purchasing equipment.  

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