Imagine yourself drifting through crystal clear waters surrounded by walls of colorful corals. Schools of spectacular fish
in a variety of sizes and vibrant colors swimming along in perfect harmony as a sea turtle tranquilly swims past on its way
to a tasty meal. As you look up towards the sea surface a pod of dolphins seemingly 'glide' above you, one of them even
dares to approach you and with smart friendly eyes looks at you closely as if to say "Welcome to our world".

about WildDive

A professional and creative tourism company specializing in marketing and
operating diving, nature and adventure tours to leading worldwide destinations.
Professionalism, reliability, service and guarantee are our motto to
success and characteristics that truly emphasize the spirit of Wild Dive.

Professionalism: Our professional team has more than 30 years of experience in organizing
and operating tours. During your trip, our instructors will be happy to share with you their
extensive knowledge of marine life, their love for nature, the sea and inhabitants of the deep.

Reliability: We conduct extensive, direct, personal and in most cases, exclusive relations
with all our operators across the globe.
On all of the trips, at any of our choice destinations, we offer accompaniment by leading tour
guides who will ensure you enjoy safe and fun activities and an unforgettable experience.

Service: We are available before and during any activity you choose, ready to deal
with any question or query, thus ensuring your complete satisfaction, in real time.

Guarantee: Wild Dive has one main goal, to satisfy our customers and always welcome
them back when they book their next trip!

Most Wild Dive activities are around the globe, in more than 35 of the world's tropical destinations
between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. From the east to west coast of the Americas,
Papua, Fiji, Palau and Australia, Coral Sea Islands, Indian Ocean and the Mediterranean.

We pride in our personal approach. Wild Dive is a network of close-knit professionals,
that has developed as a result of many years of hard work.

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Ilan Vered

Entrepreneur and Owner

Ilan started diving in 1987 and from his first plunge into the water, fell in love
with diving and diving tours. As a Divemaster from the age of 16, he began to
lead diving trips and groups from all parts of the world to the Sinai Peninsula.

Ilan is a certified diving instructor with PADI, ACUC, CMAS, ANDI and has also tutored
advanced courses as well as serving as an examiner for the qualification of instructors.

Diving tours, extreme and recreation activities flow in his veins and he
is the engine and the driving force in the company's DNA.

Ilan has many years of activity, a professional and adaptable manner in the
volatile diving tourism industry. His personality and professionalism has led
Wild Dive to be recognized and appreciated by the best dive operators in the world.

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David Vered

Operations Manager

David is a veteran diving tourism guide who helped establish diving in Sinai in the 80's
and is classed as one of the most influential people in the Israeli diving industry.

Among his many roles he managed Israel's largest diving club for many years, he is a PADI
diving organization representative in Israel, has been a member of the diving committee's
trainingcommittees and an active partner in the diving industry.

As a longtime and inspiring guide for generations of divers and diving instructors,
his inspiration also contributed to the establishment of Wild Dive in creating the
company's profile as a professional, experienced and leading diving company.

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Hagar Cohen

Reservations Manager

Hagar is a certified diving instructor since 1999 and already then trained diving
groups for diving trips in the Sinai Peninsula. She has training certificates from
PADI, MSDT, SDI and TDI international diving organizations.

She was born in Eilat in 1980 to a family of divers and from a young age has a love for
the sea and underwater life. In addition to being a diving instructor in Eilat, she has worked
throughout Israel as a diving instructor. She was a skipper in Hawaii and Australia. She
worked in underwater works, in marine agriculture and trained in a sailing school.

Beside her years of professional diving instruction, Hagar has extensive knowledge in sailing.
She adores the sea, white beaches, green lagoons and magical diving destinations,
and even gives guided tours to exotic destinations from time to time.

Her love of the sea compliments her work and we are happy
and proud to have her as an important member of our team.

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Naama Traister

Naama is the fresh spirit of the office, and an Israel Diving Association instructor.

She started her diving career at the age of 22, qualified as a Divemaster
in 2013, and has not stopped diving and instructing since.

She lived and worked for about a year in Zanzibar, knows the language, way of life,
and all the diving sites. Naama was an instructor at Eilat's Dolphin Reef diving club
and is naturally very attached to nature.

Additionally, Naama is the technical director of our new website,
without her input, none of this would have been possible.
She also instructs in dive trips across the world from time to time.

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Our special relationship with Howard is long and remarkable. Howard is one of the
Red Sea's pioneer divers.He marketed and operated the RED SEA DIVERS club in
Sinai and the FANTASEA 1 dive ship in the Red Sea. He later managed and operated the
FANTASEA 2 and sailed to islands in the Indian Ocean and other remote nature reserves.

Howard is professional, adventurous and groundbreaking. His path is an inspiration for initiative
and creativity in our company. Howard's creativity and contribution to the diving industry won
global recognition in 2009 and a place in the Hall of Fame for diving along with the top 99 founders.

Howard is the owner of Fantasea Line- which manufactures and markets
underwater photography equipment and underwater lighting.

Howard is always happy to offer professional advice and for us, he is an
inseparable part of the Wild Dive family.


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Team Guides

Noam Kortler

"Some people dream, and some make it happen." is Noam's motto and he never ceases to implement it
whenever and wherever he can. Noam began his career as a diving instructor in Eilat after finishing
compulsory military service and has instructed thousands of successful divers. Noam began filming
underwater in 2000 and has since conquered every goal he has set for himself, won every possible
international prize, managed underwater photography competitions and exhibitions around the world
and his photographs have been published in the world's most prestigious magazines and exhibitions.

Noam leads our most complex and interesting diving trips worldwide and he is a major factor in the
company's development. Among the destinations Noam leads tours are Papua New Guinea, the South
African Sardine Run, the Tonga Islands, Cuba, the Philippines, Galapagos Islands, Socorro Islands, etc.
Noam ensures you have "once in a lifetime" experiences" over and over again! We recommend you take
an underwater photography course with him before setting off on your trip. He guarantees to help and
guide you during the trip itself.

Many photos on this website were taken by Noam and this is the perfect platform to say:
Thank you Noam for your contribution!

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Boaz Samorai

Boaz is a true man of the sea, and one of the best dive instructors we have ever known.
A combination of highly professional, vast talent, humility and gentleness.

Boaz was born in Eilat in 1978 to a well-established family and grew up like many others
in Eilat with a love for the sea, especially the Red Sea Gulf. He spent his childhood years
swimming, diving and windsurfing. After his army service, he became a qualified guide
and turned his addiction for the sea into a profession. Boaz has extensive experience in
managing and operating a diving boat in the Seychelles, diving schools in Thailand, Brazil
and Central America, and also managed one of Israel's largest diving clubs. Boaz holds
exclusive certifications, among them a PADI Director certificatefor Management Instructor
Courses, Technical Diving and Rebreather instructor, and testing of diving and underwater
photography equipment. He is an underwater photography addict and loves nothing more
than taking diving groups to exotic locations all over the world.

Travelling with Boaz is an exceptional experience, promising that you return home with
spectacular photographs and numerous quality dives. We recommend you take a photography
course with Boaz before you depart on your trip. Many photos on this website were taken by
Boaz on the many trips he has been a guide, so thank you Boaz for the great photos!

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Or Hayna

Or belongs to a family of divers. His father Amnon founded of the Palamida dive club and
U- DIVE, both located in Eilat. Or is the representative of the IANTD diving organization
in Israel for professional and sport diving. This contemporary diving method offers technical
diving such as rebreather. Or currently manages the Palamida dive club and U- DIVE.

Or has been diving since 2002 and became a qualified diving instructor in 2006. He is
an IANTD Instructor Trainer, a technical dive instructor and a senior PADI IDC instructor.
Or loves diving using rebreather that enable him to spend a long and quiet time underwater.

Or is a positive and charismatic guy and diligent worker! Choose to take a trip with
him and you will surely enjoy great dives and learn new diving techniques.

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Mayan Nadar

Maayan has been diving from the age of 19. She moved to Eilat after her army service
and joined Manta Diving Club, where she learned how to be an amazing and a very
professional instructor. She later moved to study for a BA in Marine Biology by the
Mediterranean Sea, during which she worked at a scientific diving club in the college
where she trained students to work in diving research. She is currently doing her third 
degree in marine biology, and works on developing skeletal corals. She is now a qualified
technical research diver, and also instructs in dive trips across the world from time to time,
with a lot of experience, knowledge and passion to the sea and its amazing creatures.

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Boaz Lipner

A total sea addict, he lives and breathes the sea whether diving, sailing or surfing!

Since 1996 he has worked and instructed in diving clubs both in Israel and around
the world, including Thailand and Mexico. Thousands of divers have learned from
him and received diving certificate qualifications at all levels.

He also finds time to work with us at Wild Dive from time to time. 

He has been diving in Sinai for more than 15 years, and is considered the leading
instructor for diving trips in various parts of Sinai. He has recently returned to us to
take diving cruises to Sinai and we are certainly proud to have him back on our team!

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Sigala Shoham

Sigala is the owner and manager of the Sigala diving school and Tourism Company and
also the chairperson of SSI international diving organization in Israel. She is a senior
instructor who trains instructors.

Sigala is renowned for her highly professional training, she has a great sense of humor
and joy of life. Her high standards, whether in business or various journeys around the
world, introduces divers to a whole new world of experiences. Sigala customarily arranges
group 'get togethers' days before the trip so that the group will arrive ready and united.
Segala's love for the sea is contagious and is felt in every detail during the trips she leads.

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Chappur Riesler

Chappur began diving at a very young age in Argentina, with his father, a Divemaster,
who introduced him to diving in a pool. He made his first dives with penguins and seals.
In 2002 he immigrated to Israel and lived for several years on a Kibbutz in the south of
Israel before moving to Eilat. Today, he is the head instructor at Eilat's Deep Siam dive
club. He is extremely talented and shares his love for diving with all. He trains diving
instructors, leads diving trips worldwide, is a very talented underwater photographer
and spreads his love for the sea and diving wherever he goes.

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Chen Milo

In 2005 Chen experienced the wonders of diving for the first time. About four years later,
after he was released from the army, he worked at the Manta diving club and a year later
passed an instructor course under the guidance of Boaz Samurai. Since then he has worked
in the Andaman Islands and in Eilat as a diving instructor and trained hundreds of divers.
Chen has traveled and dived in exotic and exciting dive sites around the world. His love of
the sea, diving and training led him to open a diving school in Eilat with his best friend Bar
Faran, to ensure that diving becomes a significant part of the lives of many other people.


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Bar Faran

At the age of 13, he received a diving course for his Bar Mitzva present. He comes from
a family of sea addicts. His mother is a windsurfing instructor and his father an avid diving
addict, so it is only natural for Bar to follow in step! After being released from the army he
moved to Eilat and began to work as a diving instructor– opening a door to a new and unique
way of life. Bar has dived around the world, from the shores of Australia and Africa to the
Seychelles, where he worked as a safari diving instructor. During his years as an instructor,
he has trained hundreds of divers in every sea, in every situation and at all levels.

During the summer of 2014 Bar and his good friend Chen Milo, opened a diving school
in Eilat in order to pass on their knowledge, passion to others.

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